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 Chapter 7 
El Cajon 

Welcome to:  Bankruptcy Chapter 7 El Cajon .com

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 El Cajon, Chapter 7 Attorney El Cajon

El Cajon Chapter 7 Attorneys . com


Attorney Casey has over 26 years of experience

No matter if you need a chapter 7 or chapter 13 I can help you get the bankruptcy relief needed.


Debt relief bankruptcy attorneys Casey representing clients in great San Diego Metro, El Cajon, mesa, Lemon Grove, Santee, Lakeside, Spring Valley.


Serving entire San Diego County

 Map to Bankruptcy Attorney Casey Law office - Click here

 Law office location: 365 Broadway, Suite 203,  El Cajon, California  


Bankruptcy Attorney David A. Casey


 Free Bankruptcy Consultation

  My office is just minutes away- Free parking and next to two major freeways

Bankruptcy Attorneys In El Cajon | Chapter 7 & 13


For over 26 plus years I have given personal service to my clients in El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Lakeside, San Diego and clients throughout San Diego County.  When you come into my law office you will not be treated like a number. We are honest and upfront about bankruptcy fees and costs.  The bankruptcy  court has to approve of the fees as being reasonable.  Pre-bankruptcy payment plans are available.  You'll get personal bankruptcy debt relief with my professional legal representation. Filing bankruptcy is not an easy choice but not filing when you don't have enough money to pay your debts is probably a  bad choice that leads to more problems, more harassment and calls by the creditors.

Your  lifestyle is not supposed to include struggling to make ends meet or being overburdened with debt. Certainly you did not bargain for constant calls from creditors making demands that are not realistic and charging outrageous rates. Bankruptcy laws are here to help individuals and families like yours.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life – a life that could be free of debt – a second chance at financial freedom. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can give you that fresh start. My bankruptcy law office is not too far from downtown San Diego plus there is free parking so you don’t have to fight the downtown traffic.

In today’s economy, more and more families struggle to meet their day-to-day financial needs. This has placed an enormous strain on you, your family and your lifestyle.  People just like you will seek the protection and debt relief afforded under the bankruptcy laws.  Just In San Diego County alone, it is estimated there will be about 26,000 filings for bankruptcy this year.    We all know that life sometimes throws us curves that we never could have imagined.   For some,  it was a change of events that lead them to file bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy laws have been designed to help people address their financial difficulties in an honest, straightforward manner. 

My clients come from all walks of life. Many were living the American dream  with a beautiful house and a steady job. They could never have predicted the financial instability that required them to seek guidance from a bankruptcy lawyer. Over the past 26 years I have been an attorney in El Cajon helping people just like you. 

My bankruptcy law office is not a bankruptcy mill.  I handle your case and my office will not just file an action then charge you to fix it if there are problems.   Acquiring all the information needed to prepare for bankruptcy may seem like an overwhelming task in additional to the stress from the debt you already are experiencing, but my office will guide you to make the process smooth.

So stop struggling to pay your bills each and every month.  Most have waited far too long to get  that fresh start just hoping that things will change.   Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Attorneys| Chapter 7 San Diego, El Cajon

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you do not have to work through them alone. For most who are in debt or having creditors calling, bankruptcy is the best plan of action.  My name is David Casey. My office is in El Cajon, California and I represent clients throughout San Diego East County.  My practice concentrates in the areas of consumer bankruptcy and individuals who have consumer debt.  My office also handles bankruptcy for individuals who have their own business and need the protection of the bankruptcy laws.

My office provides services for debt liquidation in a Chapter 7,  including discharges for foreclosed homes, repossessions and bankruptcy CAN STOP wage garnishments in most cases.  Creditor's calls will stop!   My office also provides bankruptcy services for Chapter 13 filings which may include lien stripping of your second lien on your real property.  This could save you  thousands of dollars.  . I am here to apply the bankruptcy laws to get you the best bankruptcy results possible. I will got to bat for you.  I will ask the right questions during our pre-bankruptcy and determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right option for you,  what your best bankruptcy options are, and which chapter best fits your financial goals.  

 I know you do not want to be in this situation.  The last thing that you want to do is feel like you are giving up.  You're not!  You will get a fresh start!  End the stress that affects your loved ones.  Consult with a bankruptcy lawyer.  Since you are here at this website, and even if you believe that you have everything under control, I invite you to  look at the following list to see if any of these apply to you.

There is too much month left at the end of your money, and each month you need to purchase necessities with a credit card. You are afraid to answer your telephone, even if you have Caller ID, or you dread opening your mail each day. You are at the maximum limit on your credit cards and can barely make the minimum payments each month.  Credit card companies limit your credit and increase your interest rate.

  • You are borrowing from one credit card to make your minimum payments on other cards.

  • You are borrowing from your retirement benefits to make payments on your credit cards.

  • You are living paycheck to paycheck or with the fear that if either you or your spouse lost your job, you will be in financial hot water.

  • You have applied for a debt consolidation loan, and have been turned down.

  • You have signed up with a debt consolidation company, and cannot make the required minimum monthly payment.

  • You are constantly fighting with your spouse over money matters

  • Your bills are weighing on your mind to the point where you are constantly anxious, and it is now affecting your ability to sleep soundly or to perform your function day-to-day tasks normally.

    If you answered yes to any of the above items, and you are still reading this, you should be applauded.  You have just read  a list of some of the telltale signs that you may want to consider bankruptcy.

    You are here because you wish to take a positive step to regain control of your financial situation and plan for the future. You are acknowledging that a problem may exist and you are looking at alternatives to take action to address it.

    The filing of a bankruptcy petition can help you stop adverse creditor actions  

    We also provide a pre-bankruptcy service which fees are applied towards your bankruptcy case should you decide to file.  This helps to reduce potential bankruptcy problems and to lower the risk of having your case discharged.  With the pre-bankruptcy review you'll know what  debt relief you are entitled to.  I personally will discuss your bankruptcy case with you before filing your petition.   As a bankruptcy attorney I am here to get you the best debt relief available to you based on the facts you provide my office.

    El Cajon Chapter 7 Attorney, Chapter 7 Lawyer El Cajon.

    (619) 447-6780

     Free Bankruptcy Consultation with Bankruptcy Attorney Casey

    You know that your money problems are not going to go away on their own.  Even if you had the income to make monthly payments with the compounding high interest rate creditors are charging, plus additional fees, your debts may even increase rather than decrease.  All of this is overwhelming.  You just keep working hard and never get ahead.


    With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can make most unsecured debts go away and most of secured debts too. The longer you wait the more  problems you will have such as wage garnishments, law suits, liens and maybe even a big tax liability.   The money issues of being in debt adds substantial stress to you and your family.


    If you are over your head in debts, bankruptcy is one of the best options available to discharge all of your unsecured debts.  Many bankruptcy laws are designed to help people like you.  Creditor's calls and harassment can be stopped when you file your petition even if you have a judgment against you or wage garnishment, however, most child support  obligations and student loan obligations can not.


    Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or any bankruptcy is a major and important decision. The reason you are reading this web site is that you know you need help. For many, you have tried everything else and you realize that you are just postponing your financial problems.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps to give you a fresh start.  I receive  many "thank you" calls after the completion of a bankruptcy case.  It is great to know that I was able to effectively assist them in getting that new start to financial freedom.   Your ability to get credit after filing bankruptcy may even improve! It is not uncommon to get two or three offers for credit after the discharge even from the same card companies who were not willing to work with the debtor before bankruptcy.  For most who are over their head in debt, bankruptcy improves their ability to get credit.


    When you come into my office the first thing you will notice is that it is a small professional law office that provides  individual debt relief service. We also provide a pre- bankruptcy review which will provide you with the information you need to make the decision to proceed to file for bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, there are bankruptcy mills out there who just take your information and prepare the documents, then file it.   You may not even see the attorney or representative until the Meeting of the Creditors or maybe not at all.  Since there were no documents provided or verification process, the trustee could bring a motion to dismiss your bankruptcy due to not following the procedures,  not providing documentation, non-appearance or many other problems that may occur.    For a bankruptcy mill this is good news since they can now charge you more money to handle  the problems which may not have occurred had they done it right in the first place.   Why risk getting your bankruptcy dismissed?  I will provide you with the time necessary to ensure that the chapter 7 bankruptcy process is managed in an effective manner.  You will be advised and provided guidance when needed at every step in the bankruptcy process.

  • El Cajon Chapter 7 Attorneys, Chapter 7 Lawyers El Cajon

    El Cajon Chapter 7 Attorneys| Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys El Cajon

      David Casey, Attorney  

    Law Office : 365 Broadway, Suite 203 

    El Cajon, 92021 California

    (619) 447-6780 


    Let the Bankruptcy Laws Work For You In El Cajon.

    El Cajon Bankruptcy Attorney. Chapter 7, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    You don't have to travel to downtown San Diego to get a experience bankruptcy attorney.  My office have permission of the bankruptcy court to file documents electronically. This saves us time and you money! 

    Stop Creditors!  Get your life back!

    Stop the Credit Card Calls immediately!

    Stop Foreclosure

     Stop Foreclosure - file bankruptcy San Diego Attorney

    Bankruptcy Chapter 7 El Cajon, Chapter 7 Attorney El Cajon CA

    We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. 

    Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer in or near El Cajon?  No need to go to San Diego for an BK attorney.  My office is located next to two major freeways in El Cajon. I'm only minutes away from: all of El Cajon and minutes away for  La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, Alpine, San Diego Rancho San Diego, Santee, Spring Valley, Chula Vista. For an experience bankruptcy attorney call Attorney Casey in  San Diego East County. My office also has an on-site pubic notary when needed.  
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    Call (619)  447-6780 

    Talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney, El Cajon, CA

    Talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney, El Cajon  CA

    Call (619)  447-6780 -Attorney Casey.

    If you live in San Diego County Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer. Your debt will not go away by itself. We can help you as a debt relief agency under the Bankruptcy Code. 

    We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.  Bankruptcy Attorney El Cajon. Chapter 7, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy | El Cajon Bankruptcy Services,  Chapter 7, Chapter13 Bankruptcyl Cajon Chapter 13 Attorney | El Cajon Bankruptcy Lawyers. Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy LawyersChapter 7 Bankruptcy El Cajon, Free Chapter 7 Consultation El Cajon | Chapter 7 El Cajon Bankruptcy Attorney, Chapter 7 Lawyer.El Cajon Chapter 7, El Cajon Bankruptcy Attorney, Chapter 7 Lawyer  Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Attorneys| Chapter 7 San Diego, El Cajon Bankruptcy Attorney El Cajon, Chapter 7  El Cajon AttorneyBankruptcy Attorney El Cajon. Chapter 7, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy | Chapter 13  Bankruptcy Attorney | Chapter 13 Debt Relief Information.Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney | Chapter 7 Debt Relief Information. | Divorce?  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Divorce Debt Relief Attorney. | Divorce? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Gets A Fresh Start.Bankruptcy Means Test, El Cajon CA Bankruptcy AttorneyBankruptcy Services San Diego County, Chapter 7, Chapter13 Bankruptcy


    Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Attorneys| Chapter 7 El Cajon, El Cajon

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    El Cajon Chapter 7 Attorneys, Chapter 7 Lawyers El Cajon